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H-Arp is a programmable MIDI arpeggiator with a vertical tracker style interface that makes it fast, simple, and fun to create sequences.

H-Arp is a MIDI only DAW plugin for triggering other instruments. Please try the demo first to ensure it works for your DAW, see the DAW setup guide.

How it works

Chords you press on your MIDI keyboard go into Notes Pressed slots whilst the tracker plays down through steps vertically. The event numbers at each step in the grid decide what note slot(s) at the top get played.  A surprisingly simple concept, yet powerful and inspiring through playful experimentation. 

Note length (gate), velocity and other per step row parameters can be edited on the right of the grid, with various complementary playback options.

Trigger your favourite software or MIDI hardware instruments from within your DAW using the arp and create patterns faster than ever before, with drag & drop MIDI export. Will you ever use the piano roll again?!

See the video playlist for more info and examples.


Windows 10 and over, 64-bit only, VST3.
Mac 10.15 (Catalina) and over, 64-bit only, VST3, AU, Silicon supported.

MIDI keyboard, DAW that supports MIDI plugins with instruments to trigger.

Internet connection required for initial activation.


Demo/trial download below, which can be activated to full version when purchased. Latest version obtainable from these links.

Windows Download (Installer) Windows Download (zipped VST3) Mac Download Online Manual DAW Setup

I've had some reports of the Windows installer zip being false flagged by AV (an InnoSetup problem I believe), so there is also zip containing just the VST3 and some install instructions until I find a better installer.

Current version: Windows v1.0, Mac v1.0.2

Change log


Introductory offer £39.99 £29.99 (+VAT if applicable)

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Any questions or issues please contact me using the form at the bottom of that page.

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