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An Akai Fire Extension For Bitwig

This is an initial step sequencer implementation of the Akai Fire for Bitwig.

Update: I no longer use Bitwig Studio as a primary DAW and have since moved onto Studio One because BW isn't really evolving in the direction I'd hoped for (it's mainly focused on "the grid" now). As a consequence, I will not be updating this script further, however DrivenByMoss includes many scripts including an Akai Fire script for Bitwig that he updates regularly. I may revisit this as a standalone piece in the future but it's way down the priority list.

Thanks to the blog below for working out the Sysex/CC codes. I've not yet managed to integrate with the OLED screen but will look to do this and will probably need a similar Raspberry PI "sniffer" to progress that. 

This was developed in Bitwig v2.3.5 so should work in this version and above (and maybe some before).



  • v1.1 - Current (1st Dec 2019)
    • Long clips causing errors - fixed
    • "User 2" mode is now initial version of "keyboard mode" (use select / shift-select to transpose / change octave, select defaults to C3, set velocity as before)
    • Mode light left on after exiting - fixed
  • v1.0 - Initial Release (24 Nov 2019)


Unzip and copy the akaifire folder to your Bitwig extensions folder:

On Windows
%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Bitwig Studio\Extensions\
On Mac
~/Documents/Bitwig Studio/Extensions/
On Linux
 ~/Bitwig Studio/Extensions/

Ensure your Akai Fire is connected via USB and go to Settings > Controllers > Add controller manually > Akai > Fire.

Choose MIDI device FL Studio Fire for both MIDI in and out.

Create an instrument track and select a clip to get started.

Posted on 24th November 2019

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